Still Loving You (Scorpions vocal cover)

Publikováno dne : 14.11.2020
Počet zobrazení : 12
Přidal : Rádio G6
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First, for those interested, you can support all my creative efforts by going here – eh…. I did this in some haste. But that’s life. Read below for info about HOW I did this As with most of my rock tunes, I PITCH SHIFT my voice range upward so I can sing these higher key songs. It’s a process. I first LOWER the pitch of the backing track (sometimes even 7 semitones) and then I sing to that. I record me singing AND film myself. THEN, I turn off the shifter on the backing track and then put one on my vocal pitching it UP by the same # I used to pitch the backing track DOWN. Now, I put various effects on it to add verb, echo, sculpt the sound with some eq and corrective eq (multiband compression helps) and also…. AUTOTUNE. I autotune most all of these but I try to keep it down to a reasonable amount. Hope that helps explain how I do this and also WHY I am not interested in bands, talent shows, blabalbal. I am not a singer, really. I just pretend to be in my studio and I hope the end result is nice. 🙂 Guitar play-alongs –… Vocal covers –… Original music –… Brainwash Me, Brother (orig tune) –… Lied To (orig tune) –… Religious comedy –… Short stories –… Boston play-alongs –… Excavating The Empty Tomb –…

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