Rumunsko, život na vesnici v Transylvánii

Rádio G6 - Admin


A beautiful little documentary of village life in Gyimes, in the South Eastern Carpathians in 2018. Ancient, vernacular, small farm-houses line the stoned side roads on which horse-drawn vehicles carry logs, hay, stone and people this way and that all day long. Most people live by small-scale farming producing their own honey, cheese, bread, veg and fruit, milk and meat. Water is always from the well, pure, sparkling and cold. Cows and sheep wear bells and high above the village the mountain meadows hum with insect life while the extraordinarily rich flora remains untouched by sprays and chemicals.
Szekler people, Romania’s Hungarian speaking minority live in Gyimes, which now lies within Bacau county. The history of the area and its association with Transylvania, is very complicated …. I am no historian and apologise for any errors I have made.
Enjoy the film, all taken with a little, hand-held Panasonic HC X920.