Erusalema Master Kg By Afro Generals Best Dance Challenge 2021

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Jerusalema Master Kg By Afro Generals Best Dance Challenge | 2021
Jerusalema by Africana, Best Dance Challenge | 2021 New, Afro Dance, Afro Beat remix, Master Kg, African Dance, African Dancing
Master Kg

Kila Africana Dancing Jerusalema | Best Dance Challenge New 2021
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A 5 year’s old girl dancing
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Master KG Jerusalem dance by AxL
Best top Jerusalema Dance by Chocolate Uganda
JERUSALEMA DANCE CHALLANGE-everlasting kids(official music video)
JERUSALEMA By Mbale |Aaron Foundation
africana dancing
masaka africana dancing
Kanazi talent
african dancing
Joy of togetherness

Softwares & Hardwares Used
Video : Adobe premier Pro Cs
Audio : Studio One 4.6
Microphone used : rode nt2a
Sound card : m audio M track 2×2
Pc used : Hp Pro 3500 i5 8Gb Ram
Midi : Akai Mpk Mini