Curse on the Gypsies Part 2 of 2 Excellent Documentary!!

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„Curse on the Gypsies“ is a one hour History Channel Documentary that aired in the late 1990’s and then quickly disappeared, becoming unavailable and out of print. It tells the story of how Linguists traced the historical roots and true origin of the Gypsies back to their original homeland. A fascinating look at the history of the Roma culture over the last thousand years. Watch now before the video disappears again.

This video is from a 1990’s videotape recording of the TV program. The videotape was copied to DVD, then the DVD was copied to the Computer and the MP4 video file downloaded to Youtube.

See Part 1 here:…
Sorry Part 3 failed to upload after several attempts.

I review comments but I do not get involved in a battle of opinions. Watch the movie for information and learning purposes. Realize that Poverty and oppression can force people to live outside of society’s rules in a quest for survival. So do not judge, criticize, and generalize a race of people until you walk in their shoes, or bare feet as the case may be.