Bezdomovec dostane 1000 dolarů za jeho poctivost (Pokus o krádež peněženky)

Posted on : 8.7.2019
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Posted by : Paulus Paul

Subscribe for more PRANKS: Like ViralBrothers Facebook – Watch extra footage here: Subscribe our second channels as well! We put there video every day. Subsribe and watch this channel here: Cenek – Erik – Extra footage link to the video:… We decided to make happy one homeless guy. But not the random one. We were looking for someone who really deserves that. We have tested their honesty with dropping wallet experiment. We were shooting almost 6 days. We have walked almost 60 miles. And finally we found the honest one. Do you like it guys? 🙂 Thank you for your thumbs up! Follow us on INSTAGRAM: Follow ► Erik – Follow ► Čeněk – Merchandise – Thank you for your support. ViralBrothers

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